Commercial Roofing

Commercial Roofing

Quality commercial, industrial and institutional roofs begin with selection of the best system for the circumstances. Traffic, code requirements, and budget must be considered when the selection is being made. A great roof in one situation can be totally unsatisfactory in another. Our roofing professionals will assist you in this important choice. Alpha Nine offers a wide selection of roofing systems ranging from conventional hot asphalt, fiberglass, TPO and metal to modern single ply products. All systems are installed by thoroughly trained specialists.

Different Types of Commercial Roofs

Choosing the right Commercial Roof.

When in need of a commercial roof in Texas a lot of factors should be taken into consideration. What type of roof is currently on? Can you upgrade to a more efficient roof, can you afford to upgrade? Can the existing deck be covered; is there a roofing system that will extend the life of the existing roof? How will the new roof affect the aesthetics of the building, what type of deck do we have? All of these questions should be answered before making the decision to move forward and hiring a roofing contractor.

The very first thing you should factor is the budget for a commercial roof. The question: how much can you invest into a new commercial roof, should be addressed.
There are many types of commercial roofing systems ranging from all levels in prices from affordable to ultra-expensive. Keep in mind that the most expensive commercial roof may not always be the best option for your building. One should always do research before making a huge decision. One way to begin is to first find out about the existing roof, what type of roofing system and how long was the life of the existing roof? You may be able to find this out by having your roof inspected by a professional roofer or engineer. Have the roofer write a detailed roof report with plenty of pictures showing any deficiencies and failures, ask him for a written estimate that will include total cost of the work, life expectancy and warranty.
Slope decks have many options available shingle, tile and metal.

Shingle roofs are made with organic material and have a life expectancy of 25 to 50 years depending on the grade. This option will provide the easiest, fastest and least costly option for the building owner and may be installed over an existing deck if possible. Shingles come in many styles, colors and designs. The type of the shingle could be determined by the pitch of the deck, consult with your roofer on what type is best for you. Keep in mind the shingles are more susceptible to weather conditions and could be damaged by high winds, hail and flying debris depending on what region you live in. Shingle roof repairs are fairly easy. Commercial Roof Repairs

Metal roofs: This type of roof will be the priciest but it will be worth it. Metal roof are sheets of formed steel that can be made of copper, aluminum or galvanized steel, and may be place over an existing shingle roof if possible. Find out more Commercial Roof Replacement

Flat Roofs

The flat roof division of Alpha Nine LLC. is well skilled in all types of commercial flat roofs. We have been installing commercial flat roofing for years and have evolved to become one of the most experienced roofing contractors in the state of Texas.
The four main types of commercial flat roofs are:

Flat roofs are not actually flat but are built on a slight incline to prevent ponding (accumulation of water). Materials used in flat roofing need to be water resistant and watertight. Because flat roofs are not visible from the ground, it is necessary to perform regular inspections and detect damaged areas before leaks occur. At Alpha Nine LLC., we take the time to discuss your roof with you, so that we may provide you the best option for your building needs.

EPDM Roofs

EPDM is an excellent choice for many commercial projects, and Alpha Nine LLC. is the first place you should call if you are interested in this type of roof. We have installed and repaired EPDM roofs all across Texas.
EPDM is an elastomeric compound (meaning it has elastic properties) blended of ethylene, propylene and a small amount of diene monomer. It is an excellent barrier against extreme temperatures and ultraviolet light, and is extremely resistant to puncture and/or penetration.
Recent manufacturing improvements have improved seam quality in EPDM roof systems. Straight forward installation and easy maintenance make EPDM an excellent choice.

TPO Roofs

A large portion of our commercial business at Alpha Nine LLC. is comprised of TPO roofs. As a certified installer, we are able to provide the highest warranty level available in the industry, ensuring our customers 100% satisfaction of their roofs for years to come.
TPO formulation is based on advanced polymerization technology that combines the flexibility of ethylene-propylene (EP) rubber with the heat weldability of polypropylene. Physical properties of the membrane are enhanced by a strong polyester fabric that is encapsulated between the TPO-based top and bottom plies.
The combination of the fabric and TPO plies provides reinforced membranes with:

The relatively smooth surface of the membrane produces a total surface fusion weld that creates a consistent, watertight monolithic roof assembly. The membrane is environmentally friendly and safe to install.
The number one ingredient to a good roof system is proper installation, and we are experts. You can feel confident choosing Alpha Nine LLC. for all of your TPO roofing needs.

Metal Roofs

Alpha Nine LLC. specializes in exposed fastener (PBR – Panels) and Standing Seam roof systems. These roof systems require a minimum 3/12 pitch and are available in a variety of colors, styles and thicknesses (gauge).
Exposed Fastener Roof Systems are the most popular metal roofs in Texas and Louisiana. Their low cost and long life span are what make these roofs so popular. However, the expansion and contraction caused by changes in temperatures require that fasteners be maintained throughout the life of the roof.  
Standing Seam Roof Systems have concealed fastening systems and are regarded as having the longest life span of any roof system. Standing seam is an excellent choice for the customer that wants the architectural design features that this roof offers.

Roof Coatings

Alpha Nine LLC. realizes that as a building owner or facility manager you are always challenged to reduce expenses while improving the quality of your facility including the satisfaction, safety and comfort of its occupants. At times, the best choice may be a roof coating.
Dependent upon several varying roof characteristics, applying a roof coating may allow building owners and facility managers the opportunity to avoid costly, time consuming and disruptive roof tear-offs, yet still be able realize their goal of achieving long term roof performance and the lowest roof life cycle cost.
In an effort to provide our clients with the most effective and high quality products available in the roofing market, we go to great lengths to research and test these products, and only offer the best.